The 3rd International Olympiad of Metropolises

1st IOM brochure has been published

Participants and guests of the 2nd  International Olympiad of Metropolises can learn more about the 1st IOM that was held in September 2016. We have collected impressions of the participants about each day of IOM, descriptions of the main rounds, task for mathematics, informatics, physics and chemistry, blitz contest problems and exciting mysteries of Moscow city quest.

You can download our brochure in English here

22 teams from 18 countries participated in the 1st International Olympiad of Metropolises. All competitions took place in school 2030, 1329, lyceum 1560 and gymnasium 1514 in Moscow. The scientific program was coordinated by scientific methodical commission and  jury that consisted of dignitaries of the internatinal olympiad movement.